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Frigate Restaurant | Palm Beach Vision Electric Boat Rental

1.Frigate's Waterfront

The Frigate bird is legendary to sport fishermen and its presence is an indicator to a bountiful catch, good times and success. After a long day, sea wary sportsmen return to their favorite ...

Munyon Island | Palm Beach Vision Electric Boat Rental

2.Little Munyon Island

The Island was originally called Nuctsachoo by the Seminoles, which means Pelican Island, and it reportedly supported one of the largest wading bird rookeries in South Florida. Kayakers frequent the shallow estuary. Wildlife on ....

Palm Beach Marina | Palm Beach Vision Electric Boat Rental

3.Sailfish Marina

The Sailfish Marina Resort is a tropical vacation paradise with Old Florida charm. Home to a world-famous fleet of luxury sport fishing yachts and water taxis that will take you cruising through the Palm Beaches. ...

Rent an electric boat and cruise along the stunning coastline of Peanut Island, Florida

4. Peanut Island

Crystalline turquoise water, palm trees swaying in the breeze, sandy shores speckled with seashells— island bliss is closer than you might think. Located in the Intracoastal Waterway in Palm Beach County, Florida, Peanut Island is a pint-sized paradise.

Make some unforgettable wildlife sightings!

Manatee | Marine Life | Palm Beach Vision Electric Boat Rental


Florida manatees are large, aquatic mammals that are native to Florida. Adult manatees are typically 9-10 feet long from snout to tail and weigh around 1,000 pounds; however, they may grow to over 13 feet long and weigh more than 3,500 pounds.

Dolphin | Marine Life | Palm Beach Vision Electric Boat Rental


The most popular water animal in our area is probably our dolphins. There are nine species of Gulf coast dolphins. Near shore we frequently see Common Bottlenose, Fraser's, Pantropical Spotted, and Spinner dolphins.

Frigates Birds & Pellicans

In North America, Magnificent Frigatebirds are seen most commonly in Florida. However, they also appear regularly along the Gulf Coast, and strays have turned up in many parts of the continent.

Navigation Guide & FAQ

  1. Where can I navigate? Refer to the map provided for designated navigation areas in the beautiful Florida Intracoastal. It’s essential to be mindful of other boats to ensure the safety of your crew and others. Adhering to the marked zones on the map not only guarantees a safe journey but also helps you avoid fines.

  2. Can I take the boat into the sea? No, our electric boats are not suitable for sea navigation. They lack the necessary power and design to handle sea waves safely. To ensure the safety of everyone on board, stay within the Intracoastal waterways and avoid the inlet. Note that venturing outside the designated navigation zone on the map will result in fines.

  3. Is there a preferred spot to see wildlife? The Florida Intracoastal is teeming with wildlife, including birds, fish, and manatees. Our map includes animal icons indicating areas where you might spot these creatures. Remember, sightings are not guaranteed, but these spots offer the best chances.

  4. Can I feed the animals? We strongly advise against feeding wildlife. Interacting with or feeding animals can disrupt their natural behaviors and diet. Please enjoy observing them from a respectful distance.

  5. Should I go near other boats? It’s best to maintain a safe distance from other boats. Other vessels create waves that can rock your boat, especially if it’s a low-powered electric boat. If you’re navigating alongside another electric boat, ensure a safe distance is maintained at all times. Remember, you are responsible for any damages incurred during your rental.

  6. Can we beach the boats? You may beach the boats at highlighted locations on the provided map. Exercise caution in shallow waters to avoid damaging the boat’s hull. Inspections are conducted post-rental, and any damages will be charged to the renter.

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